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We will solve your IT tasks
by our developers
Since 2014 in the IT development market
12+ years of combat experience of our specialists
150+ projects
We create landing pages and
corporate websites
Quick start of business.
Hypothesis testing.
Marketing analysis.
Targeted advertising.
Integration of services
Working with equipment
Integration of internal systems/third-party APIs.
Automation of equipment and its integration into the system.
Mobile applications and electronic services
Applications for internal and external tasks.
Effective cross-platform solutions.
Modernization and support of software systems
Improving the characteristics and functionality of the system in accordance with new business requirements.
Development of scalable solutions
Scaling existing systems and creating systems for a large number of users and data.
Development of unique corporate systems.
Software development to support your business processes. Functionality not available in boxed solutions.
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format of cooperation
Quick start
Project work
Strengthening your Team
Development of small websites and launch within a few days.
We solve your tasks in accordance with the set requirements, deadline and budget.
A team is assembled for your project, which performs analytics, implementation, implementation, testing and documentation.
Our developers with the necessary qualifications perform some tasks or complete the project under your control.

Development of software, website, application. For each project, we form a team that meets all the specifics of the project.
At this stage, we will find out all the features of your project. Analysts and architects work..
This is the stage at which the product is tested for performance by machine and manual testing.
Your project will go
through the following stages

70% of our customers stay with us for more than 3 years. Projects are developed further, new functions and features are added.
If there is already a ready-made solution on the market, we will tell you about it. We strive to use existing components, not to develop everything from scratch.
We carry out work in a convenient mode for you. If there is no TK, we will come to the result in stages. Something has changed in the original plan - just let us know!
Experience in various fields allows us to offer the best solution possible. We find solutions in critical situations.
Optimize budget and time
Flexible and informative
Experience and strategy
How we are working
We guarantee results

You can see the current status of work at any time. We issue the result of work in sprints of 2 weeks. 1 year development warranty.
Переход на новую платформу, модернизация старой системы без остановки бизнес-процессов.
Автоматизация сортировочной линии. Склад и тарифный калькулятор. Сотрудничество на протяжении 2-х лет.
Создание лендингов для Scienca Slam научные бои в Новосибирске.
Для городского формата, детско-взрослого.
Для IT Sience Slam. Сотрудничество на протяжении 3-х лет.
Several of our projects
We love all our customers and are proud of them
Система приема и анализа данных с датчиков GPS на транспорте построение прогноза прибытия транспорта.
Система показа рекламы и видео роликов с рапределенной системой управления в разных городах. Табло тачскпин, озвучка для слабослышащих. Сотрудничество более 4-х лет.
Создание сайтов для продажи франшизы школы.
Создание страниц для конференций, курсов, летних программ и бизнес-миссий.
Интеграции с AMO-CRM и платежными системами. Запуск таргетированной рекламы.
Science Slam
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